choosing your honeymoon locationOnce in a lifetime opportunity to begin your life's journey together and thousands of destinations to choose. Confused? It happens.

Planning your honeymoon is of prime importance, and most importantly, the perfect location. Instead of listing out the locations you can choose, let us focus on the factors to determine while you attempt to choose the ideal location for your honeymoon.

Before we begin, zero in on a choice that suits you both as a couple, rather than as individual preferences, while keeping in mind some important points.

Weather: You need to find a location where both of you be equally comfortable - be it hot and sunny or cold climate or rain or snow. Though people often skip rainy season for honeymoon location, it is fun, as long as the location doesn't get flooded and interrupts with your holiday plans.

Destination: Beaches, backwaters, desserts, hill stations, wildlife, cruise, skiing or a city known best for its night-life. Which do you and your partner prefer - a tranquil holiday or an adventurous holiday? Do you want to holiday near your hometown or far away, from the eyes of your well-wishers? Are you ready to travel abroad? These are some of the questions you need to discuss.

Budget: Apart from other preferences, budget plays a vital role in choosing the destination. If you have low-budget, opt for a holiday in your hometown, something you haven't seen so far or that excites you the most. The higher the budget, opt for a farther location, since honeymoon holidays come only once in your life. This is the best chance to be in a location you have always wished for, even if it is in another corner of the world.

Planning: Once the basics like the destinations are fixed, and the wedding date is finalised, as well as you know the leave you have at work is confirmed, plan the trip well in advance. This ensures to avoid disappoint related to hotel booking and air/rail/bus travel booking. Also, once you know your preferences, 'google,' and find out more the destination, packages on the offing, places to visit, activities to do, shopping options and more, so that you can plan the rest of your trip and book your tickets in advance. And pack your bags for that first fun-filled holiday together, soon after your wedding!

Honeymoon needn't be always fun, there could be disappoints if you have high expectations. Hence, have realistic dreams. You need to discuss the approximate amount you plan to spend. This way, you can avoid any unpleasantness if one is a spender and the other, a saver. Try to avoid most of the time together and indulge in same activities – together as a couple. After all, this is the best time to be together and learn about each other. Happy holidays for a wonderful start together.