A wedding is an occasion that happens only once. A day you want to put in the basket of treasure of memories. When you make the special day unique for you and your family, why not make them special for your guests too? Let them treasure your wedding like they do their's and let it remain etched in their memory forever.

A wedding favor will reach out your message for thankfulness to the person, couple, or family, who took pleasure in attending your wedding. You can create a wedding favor for each guest, or a wedding party favor per couple or family. Or you can create a wedding favour for all adults or separately for men and women, another for kids and a different sets for teenagers. A wedding favor should be neatly packed with a "Thank you' note. The favor should be presentable and enjoyable to the guest. For enhancing the favour package, you can add ribbon, personalized tags to make it stand out.

Depending on your time and budget, you can either create a customized and do-it-yourself wedding favor or buy one from an online store or from your city shop. Let the favor reflect your wedding style - contemporary or modern, Indian or Western. You can also create a flavour depending on season. If you reside out of India, create a truly cultural wedding favour, for your guests who may not have even had a glimpse of India and its culture. People all over the world usually admire Indian heritage gifts. Incense is a very popular wedding favour, with Indian touch and appreciated equally by people across the globe because of its unique scent. Choose a gift box or customize your gift box with stickers or notes, so even the most ordinary incense will look the best and add freshness to the home. Sandalwood fan favours are also popular and have been on the demand chart list since several years. The smell of sandalwood is liked by all and is looked upon as one of the best wedding favours. Silver handicraft items, though more costlier are very commonly branded as expensive wedding favors and makes the guests feel unique.

The end to choosing a wedding favour for your guest is limitless, and is often limited by your creativity. You can also order for exclusive wedding favors for your wedding guests. Contemporary Indian Bride and Groom Cake Toppers, picture frames, tea bags, bejeweled Indian gift bags, wooden elephant handicrafts, a set of silver cups, Buddha place card holders, an idol of God or Godesses (eg: Lord Ganesha) of any materials such as bronze, silver or other metals, an exclusively designed Indian sari or a men’s wear, silver anklets and so on. Think what you would like to receive as a wedding favour, check your budget and act accordingly to create the best wedding favour for your upcoming wedding.