Your wedding day is supposed to come only once in a lifetime. A treasure that is to remain etched in your memory forever. The perfect shot revives your memory year after year, as you add every other year to your married life.

Traditional Indian weddings are nowadays held in India as well as other countries, where Indians are settled. For that perfect shot, look for a photographer, who has experience in shooting Indian weddings. Such an experienced photographer knows the most important moments of a traditional Indian wedding. He will help you create the perfect story - right from the start to the finish.

With a large number of professional photographers offering the best, how do you pick your photographer?

Experience – Definitely counts. Ask the photographer about the number of years of his experience in wedding photography. With the digital revolution, digital cameras making a big round, it is essential for you to know the photographer is not a hobby-photographer and he earns his main income via photography.

Price Range – Have an open discussion about the price range. Ask how much it costs for the time he spent for photographing, for reprints, albums, and others. Perhaps the photographer is experienced, but he may be charging much higher than your budget. You need to know as you have to keep even the most-treasured photograph moments within your budget.

Delivery – Ask how much time he will take to deliver the album and the extra prints, if requested on seeing the first copy.

Special Offers – Does he offer discounts if you order extra copies when you appoint him as your wedding photographer? Does he offer discounts if you book him for multiple days, while your wedding is held over multiple days as in certain Indian weddings?  How much does he charge when you ask him to spend more time? Does all the extra’s come with additional price tag or is it counted as a package?

Payments – Be clear about the advance payment he takes and the payment mode he prefers.  For any reason, if he backs out of the assignment, what is his payment policy? And for if any reason, if the wedding is delayed or extended to another date, will he be ready to cover the ceremony without additional expenses? Ask questions for a clear idea.

Reference It is best you hire someone whom your friend or relative has hired. Or if you don’t have references, find a photographer and ask him to give references. Cross check to find he’s the good photographer he claims to be.

In addition to these, you can ask your photographer about the image quality, if the photographer is willing to share the negatives (in case of a non-digital photography), his transportation requirements and charges and so on. Make sure to meet the photographer in person before appointing him as your wedding photographer.

You can also ask him to show same sample images. Although he may be an experienced traditional Indian wedding photographer, without hesitation, discuss with him the list of shots you wish to treasure in your album. There may be shots he may overlook and those you treasure.

Even before the wedding begins, create the bond between the photographer and you, for that special magical effect in your wedding album!