how to save at wedding 

Budgeting is perhaps the toughest of all, in the wedding process. It is easy to spend more money, if you have a good bank balance but to save, is the toughest part. As per your choice, you can go lavish on location, food, wedding attire or invitations. However, saving on them requires good skill. 
Rather than looking at how to be lavish (which most people are), let us primarily focus on how to save and hold the wedding within the targeted budget.

People often go in for well-known venues to conduct weddings, which costs more money because of the popularity and facilities provided at the venue. Find an offbeat venue or one that costs less. You can choose the bride’s residence for the ceremony or may be a restaurant or lesser-known hotel or anywhere the country’s rules permit – it could even be the garden of a museum. Or go for a community hall or a farm house (if your friend or relative owns one!). When you plan to hold weddings where additional resources like tables and chairs aren’t available, calculate the cost to know if it would end up being higher than the cost at the prime venues. Select a venue that is enough for the number of guests invited. Book in advance, whichever, to get discounts or avoid disappointments of any sort. Also, if you don’t have religious or other constraints, get married during off-season. It helps to cut cost.

When it comes to food, the time at which the wedding takes place can have direct impact in determining the budget. If you conduct the wedding in the morning, say before 9:00am, you can get away with serving breakfast.  If the wedding takes place during noon, arrange for a buffet. If possible, arrange for vegetarian food. As meat substitutes, you can arrange for food made from mushroom, paneer and soya bean. 
Choose a caterer who will supply everything from tablecloths to cutlery, waiters to napkins and plates to bartenders. Discuss and make this as a package deal to save money.

Wedding Attire 
Go for the non-traditional wedding attire. Keep a watch on the discount sales. Or search in your granny’s wardrobe for a traditional attire.

You are living in the digital world. As far as possible, send out an e-invitation. Prepare a list and print only the required number of copies. Stick on to a single page simple card. A one page simple card costs less as well as looks neat and legible.