The day to be in the perfect shape, as the opportunity to begin a new life comes only once. The same day, when you would want to show off and look the best. A perfect combination of exercise and healthy eating is the best answer. Getting in shape equally applies for both bride and groom.

Even before you begin, stay away from stress for best results!

Exercise: Work out at least 4 days per week. Short on time, you need to bid goodbye to your age-old laziness and instead focus on exercising right for toning your body. May be you could hire a trainer, or go to a gym or learn from your experienced friends, the exercises that could give good results in short time. If you choose to work out on your own, choose exercises that enjoy. A mix of cardiovascular training with weight training should help you lose weight and tone muscles.

Let your legs move!: Take hold of every opportunity - climb the stairs, walk to your office or while you go shopping, clean your house on your own.. the list is endless. Look around and you will have many opportunities to make your legs do the work.

Find a companion: If you and your partner live close by, you may work out together. Go for long walks or indulge in exercise. It will help you bond and develop liking for the same activity that would help you in married life as well. Or else you can find a friend or relative who is equally keen to lose weight. Having a companion alongside will make you stick on to your activity.

Add water and fruits: To boost your energy and skin glow, drink more water. Add many fruits to your diet.

Increase the count: Do not stick on to the regular breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner schedule. Instead, increase the number of intakes, breaking into 5-6 mini meals throughout the day. Skip caffeine and alcohol. Eat more fresh vegetables.

Say 'No' to Crash Diet: Plan the diet schedule much ahead of the wedding. 5-6 months would be ideal. This will ensure you wouldn't go for crash diet. Crash diet could lead you to have an unhealthy body and even binge on foods that you are supposed to avoid for a healthy diet.

Get enough rest: Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep, to overcome possible drowsiness, the next day. Remaining active during the day usually ensures a good night's sleep.

Maintain a journal: Choose an online journal or write a diary to keep track of your activities and eating habits. This will allow not drifting away from your new exercise routine and eating schedule.

Let this new schedule be a start for a life-long routine – for a healthy body and mind.