Engagement - the time of announcing and introducing your to-be partner for life. A moment of joy and that will bring further happiness in your life and that of your family. But, not everyone holds an engagement party? Even before deciding on a party, discuss with prospective partner and respective families, if you should have one. If you decide on an engagement party, here are tips on how it should be.

Engagement party, though seen a must-to have affair in the present day scenario, should be a simple event. The engagement party should never overcome or compete with the wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony is special and should be unique. Traditionally, as in the case of wedding, the bride’s family is responsible for holding the engagement party. But, today things are changing. The bride and her family doesn't alone take care of the engagement hosting duties. Perhaps, the bride and the groom could do it together or their families can share the responsibilities or the groom's family or even a relative or friend.

Like the wedding, you can print cards to invite people, but minus the cards, will help you reduce the cost. And since it is an engagement, a visit to the house, a phone call or even email should work well to invite guests. Invite only a handful of people including your close relations and close friends. Engagement should work as the platform to introduce the respective families to each other. If your custom calls for a small ceremony, hold the events in your residence itself. Or else, perhaps in a hall at the church or temple.

Like in the case of a wedding, prepare a guest list for engagement party. You can use the Indianwedding website’s guest list creator for creating guest list without hassles. Order food with the nearby catering service team. Find a suitable catering service team through our vendor list. To cut costs, you can even prepare at home itself, if you have extra help at hand. Make sure you plan for special but simple dishes, if you prepare at home or order for the food at a catering service. To make the party entertaining, include fun games, music (encourage bride, groom and the guests to sing),or dance. Plan for games that everyone can play. This helps to enhance interaction among the family members. Get a friend to shoot engagement pictures and video.

Have a blast on your engagement day!