A wedding ring defines your marriage status. In certain cultures, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Indians wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the right or left hand. Further, wearing the ring on the fourth finger symbolises eternal love for each other, commitment and a sign of long-lasting relationship. Since the wedding ring is to be worn for the rest of your lives, it should be durable. Indians prefer gold and diamonds for a wedding ring, though some use other durable metals too. Since the wedding ring will also define your lifestyle, you are highly likely to be spending a good pay packet for buying an expensive (but that suits your pocket!) ring.

If you are buying the wedding ring for your partner, get her sample ring size and her choice of ring style. So, what kind of ring styles are on the offing?

Round and emrald cut are still popular, followed by oval shaped and square rings. Diamonds continue to be a girl’s best friend. Diamond combined with gemstones will look stunning. Big and bold stone in the middle with smaller stones around it is stunning. Platinum wedding rings combines beauty, purity and sturdiness. A pearl-exclusive ring, or a gold or silver ring is also popular among Indian brides. If you decide on a gold ring, find out the proportion of other metals in the ring. White gold is a good alternative for platinum ring, if you can’t afford its high price. Decide on if you want a traditional style or modern or a blend of both. Avoid rings that are too trendy. It can hamper daily use.

Whatever be the style and metal of the ring, it should be simple and elegant and when you look at it four or five decades, you should still be in love with the ring you chose decades ago.

For your wedding ring too, you can design your own style, that definitely will surpass the readymade rings. Let your creativity sparkle and let it shine in your hands, when you introduce your partner!