Getting engaged marks the first step and official green signal to start a life together with someone you met or your parents found for you. Both way, you are officially engaged and soon the two of you would be known as a couple. Although most engagements are held six-twelve months in advance, there are some, which are done 2 years in advance or only a week before the wedding.

Set the wedding date: Now, that you are engaged, do not delay setting your wedding date. Fix it as early as possible, perhaps the same day you get engaged.

Announce the engagement: It is time to make the announcement to everyone you know or anyone you want to invite for the wedding. Pick up your phone, send a email, post a message in facebook or twitter, create a blog or a website. Use your creativity and surprise people with your engagement announcement.

Create a wedding plan and budget: Planning the wedding is essential. You need to sort the wedding location, wedding venue, discuss the wedding style (particularly so, if you belong to different cultures), find a caterer, book photographer and videographer, find florists, and if you can handle the wedding on your own or need to hire a wedding planner, to handle the entire wedding arrangements. Whether a wedding planner is required or not, depends on your time, finance and handling capabilities.

Write down your shopping list: Prepare a list of the shopping essentials. If you have to stitch your wedding dress, give plenty of time to the dress designer, for her to come out the best-fitting dress for your wedding day. A list helps you buy only what’s essential and not every other item you find in the shop. Save money and time!

Create guest list: Discuss with family and prepare the guest list. Make a separate list for relatives and friends and for out out-of-town guests and for those who can reach your destination within a few hours or a day. This will help you to chart out if you need to find accommodation options for the outstation relatives or friends.

Email and website invitations are convenient and nowadays, it’s also welcome among all. So, probably you can cut down the cost of sending print wedding invitations to each and every person you know. Reserve the cards for near and dear.

Think of beauty! It’s time to spark your beauty consciousness and start to work on to be in good shape for the wedding. If you are planning for a beauty treatment, start going for one earlier rather than checking in a beauty parlour only at the last minute.

Plan the holiday: You can plan for your honeymoon during the engagement period, after sharing each other’s likes and dislikes, financial limitation, leave at work and so on.

Engagement is the time when you both can relax and enjoy each other without responsibilities of married life. This time of freedom never comes back. So, enjoy to the core while you also keep your eyes fixed on the wedding day and responsibilities. Get to know each other’s expectations, likes and dislikes. Do not lie, whatsoever. Think practical as that’s what you will be encountering soon.