Wedding Mandap captures the attention of everyone including the guests, as the main event - the wedding is to be held here. The bride and the groom in all glory will be seated here for the best moment in their life, of tying the knot. The moment, that will mark the start of a life together. Even the minute details of a mandap should thus be done with perfection. Mandaps are often created based on a theme or have floral decorations, as has been practised since decades. If you can use your creative brain, there is much more you can do to make the mandap appealing. You can create dozens of ideas from the basic shapes like round, square, floral, crystal and so on.

To start with, you can search Internet for ideas or come up with your own exclusive ideas. Use your imagination. Draw a rough design of how you want your wedding mandap to look like. Take a print out. Organize a meeting with your wedding planner or with the person who will be creating your wedding mandap. Discuss with him your ideas and listen to his ideas too, if he has one. When you combine both ideas together, you may have exceptional result.

You can also ask about the materials / fabric that will be used or share your preferences. For materials, you can choose silk, cotton, chikan, flowers (rose, orchids, jasmine etc), lanterns, balloons etc. You can use a combination of flowers – fresh and artificial for decoration. Lighting plays an important role as proper lighting can give different dimension even to a simple mandap. Use candles, lanterns, LED lights or anything that makes mandap looks extravagant. Though many ready-made mandaps are available for lower cost, if you want to make it exceptional, you may need to spend extra amount for creating the extraordinary settings for the mandap.

Remember, the mandap should stand out. Hence, it should be in contrast with the wedding attires of the bride and groom. Never go for the same colors or else the bride and the groom will fade out in the mandap color.

While you try to achieve that extra ordinary mandap style, you should always keep in mind, mandap is a sacred place where the ritual is to be held. Hence, the design should be done with this criteria.