It’s a bold statement, and not for everyone, but executed well the ‘rainbow wedding’ can be a stunning effect. I’m particularly drawn to the idea of a rainbow theme for Indian weddings because the guests are going to wear so many stunning colours anyway – why not make it look intentional. That’s the real key to a rainbow or multi-colour theme; it has to repeat the same set colours so it looks well planned and not haphazard.

Not sure what colours to pick for your rainbow collection? You could go traditional and stick to the actual rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue; or you could have a little more fun and go with something like – pink, bright green, yellow, and purple, sort of like a desi rainbow! Here’s a round-up of ideas for your rainbow affair….

For an Indian wedding you could try cream suits and coloured dupatta and shoes? How about groomsmen in gold kurta’s and colourful churidaar to compliment the bridesmaids? Think outside the box – contrast looks just as good as matching if done well.


Punch up your party with rainbow décor and eats!