In the past few years, decorations at Indian weddings have become true showstoppers. Every wedding we attend seems to outdo the last. Sadly one area is often neglected – the centrepieces. While the bride and groom sit in canopies that are draped with crystals, many times guests are left to stare at the classic standby; a floating candle. We all know that Indian receptions and parties have a lot of tables, so it isn’t always budget friendly to dress them all up – but if you decide to allocate some of your budget to dressing up your guests tables, here are our top pick for Indian inspired centrepieces.

Nothing says Indian like classic ‘mor’ décor. We prefer this modern take on a classic


Festival Inspired
It’s easy to go too far with festival inspired themes, and end up feeling like you are at the annual family ‘dandia’ celebrations, so tread lightly here. 

Elegant & Formal
We love this combination of red roses and ethnic inspired candle holders. Roses can be pretty hard on the budget so maybe consider marigolds. Many Indians consider marigolds to be an auspicious flower also.


Much like the earlier mentioned ‘mor’ the ‘haathi’ also evokes a very Indian feeling. You can use elephants throughout your décor in large and small ways to pull the centrepieces into your theme. They are also very popular on wedding cards.


Treasure Box
This particular idea caught my eye because it’s unique. Many packaging companies now offer these types of boxes in bulk, and maybe they could double as party favours?