Simply translated, the Jai Mala ceremony (also known as the var mala) basically involves the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom. It is similar to the exchange of rings in a western/Christian wedding ceremony. Traditionally performed in Vedic weddings, the Jai Mala ceremony happens when the baraat reaches the wedding venue.

If the Jai Mala ceremony is included in your wedding events, you may want to review our ceremony breakdown, and tips:

Jai Mala Ceremony:

Once the groom arrives at the wedding venue, the mother of the bride welcomes him & performs and ‘aarti’ to bless him. You may want to assign an older Aunt or cousin the task of preparing the puja thali and having it ready for your mom. Also, have a bridesmaid ensure that your mom stops to take a picture with her future son-in-law!

After the blessing your groom will wait with the flower garland (Jai Mala) for his bride to arrive. Take care in choosing a florist that makes sturdy Jai Malas – you will wear them the whole day. Make sure they are not too heavy for you and that the flowers are not irritating your senses.

Plan to spend some time on your Jai Mala ceremony. It’s an opportunity for fun and pranks for the bride and groom’s family, (typical desi ‘naunk jhaunk’), and you don’t want to rush them through it. If necessary arrive 30 minutes earlier to the venue so you can fully enjoy the Jai Mala exchange.

Images - By Desi Intervention