Indian weddings are notorious for big guest lists - you would never turn someone away from a desi wedding right? While it used to be the norm to invite everyone and their sister in law to a family wedding, many couples are trying to trim the guest list and create a more intimate affair these days. This can be tricky when you are dealing with co-workers, who do you invite, and who do you skip? Is it okay to invite some and not all of your co-workers. We've done our etiquette research and come up with the following tips for you.

inviting co-workers to your wedding{Image via Desi Intervention Photography}

Don't skip your boss
Even if you don't love your boss, it's poor office etiquette to skip your direct superior (and might not be great for your career either!) We recommend inviting your boss for sure if you are including co-workers on the guest list.
Assistants deserve an invite
Much like you wouldn't skip your boss, if someone works directly for you as a secretary or assistant they should be on your list. You don't want to offend someone that you need to work closely with you everyday.
Getting Choosy
After your boss and assistant things get tricky. If there is a group of people that you hang out with often at work, you can't leave just one out. Do you always have lunch with a few members of your team on Friday? Or maybe you all work in the same area of the office? It has  to be all or none in that case.

inviting co-workers to your wedding {Image via Desi Intervention Photography}

Use Your Gut
If you aren't sure if you should invite someone use your gut. Will leaving this one person out cause friction or hard feelings at work, we would say, better safe than sorry.
Destination Weddings
If you are planning a destination wedding we would suggest talking to your co-workers before giving out cards and ask if it's something they would consider attending. Once you've given out the cards they might feel pressured to attend. This is the one time you can consider inviting just the co-workers you are very close with. 
While you certainly don't have to invite everyone you work with, it's definitely something you should think about and make sure you don't miss someone that really should have been on the list!


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