Everyone wants a unique wedding, one that reflects the bride and groom as a couple and stills wows family a friends. A great way to achieve that is by selecting a fun and interesting wedding theme that matches your personality.

A specific theme can not only help you create the amazing wedding you’ve always wanted, it can make the planning easier create a connecting thread throughout all the wedding events.

To help you out, we’ve found five different Indian wedding themes that’ll  you’ll love.


Arabian Nights Theme – This is a great theme to bring bright colors, fun and excitement to your wedding! An Arabian Nights theme has lots of beautiful décor ideas, exotic belly dancing entertainment and delicious food choices. 


Elephant-Themed Wedding – Elephants bring good luck and good fortune, the perfect combination for the bride and groom who are starting their new life together. Elephants also make for elegant décor ideas from center pieces and party favors to cakes and wedding stationary. (You can read more ideas from our team on elephant themed weddings here).


Black and White Wedding – How about a black and white wedding theme? Matching these two colors together can make your wedding classy with so many ideas to build on it. And for the Indian touch, have all your guests dress in black and white and then the bridal and groom will really stand out in their colorful, traditional wedding outfits!


Rainbow Inspired Wedding – A rainbow themed wedding can be a bold and colorful statement, perfect for an Indian Wedding. Décor, food, clothing and flower choices are endless with all the colors of the rainbow to choose from. The sky is the limit. In fact, we love the rainbow theme idea so much that we wrote a whole post about it! 

Bollywood Themed Wedding - If you have grown up watching Bollywood movies, you will know what grand weddings are all about. So why not make the bride and groom the stars of their own Bollywood wedding? There are so many ideas and era’s of movies to choose from, maybe a Bollywood style dance entrance, a game of antakshari with the guests or even a reenactment of a scene from the bride and grooms favorite Bollywood movie.

For help in achieving your wedding theme, check out our large list of preferred