There are so many details that go into planning an Indian wedding, that it can be easy to lose track of the budget. If you've created your free profile with PlanShaadi you may already be using our budget planning tools, but there are some easy pitfalls you can also avoid too. 

indian wedding budget planning

Here are our tips for keeping on top of the budget and avoiding post-wedding stress over outstanding bills. 

Talk to Both Sets of Parents About the Budget
Let's be honest, no one likes to talk about money, especially not with their future in-laws, but you have to have to the conversation. The most obvious way to blow the budget is not to know what it is in the first place. 

Don't Expect Your Parents to Pay for Everything
While you parents may choose to foot the bill for the whole wedding, don't go into the conversation with that expectation. Talk it out with your parents before you start putting down deposits!

Ask Vendors for Discounts
We aren't suggesting that you haggle with professionals, but there's no harm in asking for 10% off. Even a small discount makes a big difference on a bill that might run into the thousands. 

Don't Assume the Most Expensive Vendor is the Best
Quite often brides and grooms will assume that just because a vendor charges a higher rate than others, their work will be superior. Do your homework and check recent references before signing a contract, and don't assume someone isn't good because their rates are lower than others. 

indian wedding budget

Take Your Time Choosing Outfits
After venues and vendors, the most expensive part of an Indian wedding is the outfits. We've shared some tips before on saving money on your wedding lehenga, be sure to read up and take your time shopping!

Images by: PlanShaadi preferred vendor Studio 12 Movies