Once the wedding ceremony is complete and all your friends and family have gathered together at your reception, it’s time to hit the dance floor and rock it out to some desi beats. 

Of course part of celebrating is the free-flowing beverages. However, for those guests who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, how about trying some unique mocktails to replace those tired soft drinks. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite non-alcoholic drinks for your reception guests:

Cranberry Cutie

Who doesn’t love a good cranberry juice? Just add some Sierra Mist and a cutie clementine and you’ll have a mocktail that everyone will love.

Herb Citrus Cordial

The idea of a mocktail that matches your wedding color could be a unique way to add to your theme! This gorgeous purple Herb Citrus Cordial is just one of many different colored drinks you could incorporate into your non-alcoholic drink menu. 

Sparkling Chai Apple Mocktail

In search of a more desi inspired non-alcoholic beverage for your wedding guests? Try this Sparkling Chai Apple Mocktail which infuses cardamom, cinnamon and cloves with other ingredients to include a little flavor of home.

Coconut Water Champagne Punch

If it’s time to make a toast, serve your special guests this coconut water version of champagne. It’s not only delicious, it looks pretty fabulous when they are toasting the newlywed couple.