PlanShaadi headquarters is based on the West Coast and we are starting to feel a chill in the air this week! While fall/winter brides tend to wear deeper hues like red and burgundy, we would love to see some bright citrus colours during the colder months. It would make for an amazing contrast on a snowy day & definitely surprise your guests.

Once we started doing our research we actually found that this trend has been making it down the bridal runways in India for a few years now, so I guess we were on to something! Here are a few of our top picks for citrus inspired bridal wear.



Yellow wedding lehngas are visually stunning, and they pair well with many other colours. We are loving this mix of yellow and hot pink. If you decide to go with a yellow lehenga go with a classic jewelry set like kundan. You don't want your jewelry to compete with your lehenga.

As you can see below, yellow also pairs well with dark colours if you do don't want to go all bright!




Green is actually considered auspicious in many parts of India and Pakistan so it might actually be the perfect alternative to red! If you want to do something really unique, pick a bright or neon inspired green. 

{Side note; lime & magenta might be our new favourite colour themes for a wedding - look out for a blog post soon!}



Orange is such a cheerful colour, we wish more brides would wear it! When it comes to colour pairings for orange, we would say nothing beats navy, but if you want something less drastic you could go with yellow or red for contrast. There's just one unwritten rule for wearing orange; always pair it with gold or copper, silver and orange are a no-no!

Need more inspiration for out of the ordinary lehengas? Check out our round-up of blue beauties here, or maybe try a rainbow look?