A hen party is perhaps the second most important day for the bride-to-be after the wedding day. And while she is busy shopping and coordinating with vendors, organizing a hen party that she will always cherish is one of your prime responsibilities as maid of honor. Yes, there are too many things to think about, especially if you’ve never organized a party before. But the first thing you need to make up your mind about is this: What will be the duration of the party? An evening, a day or a weekend? This would depend on your budget and the bride’s personal preferences.

Once that is decided, you can dive into the other details of the party. No matter what, you have to ensure that the bride has an unforgettable time and so do the guests!

Here is a handy guide to get you started on planning a hen party to remember:

Involve the Hen

No, this doesn’t mean that you let her take care of the nitty-gritties of the party. However, there are some questions about the party that are best answered by her. For example, who to invite. This can be tricky, since there could be guests who won’t get along with each other and instead of enjoying the party; the bride will be left ensuring all her guests feel comfortable! Consider organizing two hen parties if that is the case, within the constraints of your budget of course. Make sure you have a fair idea about your hen’s personality. Is she the party hopping wild child who would rather spend the night dancing away or one to enjoy daring adventures and exploring new cuisines? If unsure, give her a hint about your plans and gauge her reaction, so you don’t take her completely by surprise with an activity she may not enjoy. Some hens may want to be more than just a little involved in the process, but make sure you do have an element of surprise planned for her.

Communicate with the guests as well

The guests are important party makers or breakers. Save the date of the party well in advance, so guests can make changes to their schedule and there are no dropouts. Try to make adjustments to ensure that all the people she loves can make it to the do, but not so many that it annoys the other guests. While inviting them, give the guests a fair
picture of the probable location (clearly indicate if passports are required), approximate budget, and if you wish that they carry any special items for the games or fancy dress. Ask the guests if they have any ideas for games and activities, but don’t depend entirely on their suggestions. If you’re making a personalized gift for the bride such as a bride-to-be video or a scrapbook, be sure to request the guests to send in their contributions in time.

Set A Detailed Budget

Just because you are the maid of honor and thus the prime responsible for the party, it doesn’t mean that you pay for event all by yourself. Don’t be shy to ask all of her closest friends involved to pay for the party. Mutually decide on a budget and let everyone know their share well in advance. Make sure you collect it in time, to avoid any awkwardness later. Take all expenses into consideration before zeroing on your budget. Yes, it is your best pal’s big day but if you cannot afford to splurge a lot, you do not have to. There are many sweet, inexpensive gestures that will bring a wide grin on the bride’s face such as putting together a list of her favorite songs or making her a special personalized present. She will surely appreciate these better than reckless expenditure.

Plan Your Activities

After the initial gossiping and drinking, the guests will want something fun to do. Delight them with activities such as drag cabaret, stand-up comedy, strip shows, and then usher them to the dance floor. Feel free to add as many games and activities, and keep in mind that they have to be enjoyable and not tedious. If there are not too many of you, pamper the guests by treating them to a spa day and beauty treatments. Consider having a photo booth with props such as wigs, large sunglasses, princess crowns, etc. Remember, the party is for everyone to let their hair down and have the time of their life, so don’t be too picky about finishing all activities planned. Sure, you may have put in effort planning them, but not everyone is a fan of treasure hunts or word games.

Bid farewell with fun favors

A memorable party is incomplete without interesting return gifts. Again, keep in mind all the attendees before selecting the return gift. Consider a present that everyone will find amusing. Some popular gift ideas are ‘Team Bride’ t-shirts, mugs, photo frames and girly props. Give them gifts that will fondly them of your hen party!