Who doesn’t love sparklers? They are pretty and fun and add glamour to the occasion. Sparklers are definitely the hottest trend this wedding season, and one you should surely incorporate in your wedding. Make a dramatic entry or exit surrounded by lights, or wow your guests with a sparkling display on the dance floor. Get your photographer top capture your special moments in unique ways with sparklers. It is of course necessary to take all precautions to ensure no one’s hurt.

Read on to find out how you can add sparklers to your wedding…

Make a Sparkling Entry


Light up the venue as soon as you and your better half come walking down the hall. You can make a sparkling entry in any of your functions, be it the sangeet, engagement, or reception. Ask your guests to create an aisle, holding sparklers, as you enter. To make the moment even more magical, you can also use heart shaped sparklers. We bet you will have one of the most romantic entries your friends and family will ever see!

Add sparklers to your décor

There’s a bunch of creative ways to add sparklers to your venue. You can spell out your feelings with a brilliant sparkler display, or write out your wedding date with sparklers at the entrance. You can also place small sparklers in glass jars to brighten up your wedding venue. 

Incorporate sparklers in your sangeet


As you and your fiancé gear up for your romantic act, pass sparklers around and ask the guests to gather around. You can also have sparklers flaring up on the dance floor, as you and your beloved jive to your favorite romantic number. Make sure your photographer captures the magical moment well. 

Have sparklers on your wedding cake


As bizarre as it sounds, wedding cakes have surely come a long way and now come with sparklers. These sparklers are specifically designed to be used on desserts and cakes. Your cake-cutting ceremony is sure to be festive with fireworks flying round. Use gold and silver cake sparklers that will instantly light up the occasion and add a special touch to your wedding photos.

Save them for the Vidai


After the wedding ceremony is over and its time to bid goodbye, have guests line up outside the venue with lit sparklers and give you a cheerful send off. What better way to begin this new journey in life? You can also have a spectacular sparkler display along the road as your car leaves the venue.