So, you’re getting married in a few months and can’t wait to ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids… but hold your horses! Simply informing your friends that they are going to be bridesmaid is hardly enough. There’s more to being a bridesmaid than wearing a matching dress and posing for pictures. If you want your wedding to go smoothly, without bridesmaid complaining about the money they’ve had to shell out on your bachelorette party, or the number of dresses you’ve made them purchase, it’s best to give your bridesmaids a detailed overview of the job. Now, you don’t want to go overboard and be branded a “Bridezilla”, but there are some essentials it is best to be specific about.

Use the guide given below for the most important things to tell your bridesmaids:

The Budget

Even though it’s one of the more awkward topics in wedding discussions, everything ultimately boils down to the budget. There are quite a few expenses a bridesmaid has to take care of: dresses, make-up, bachelorette party, gifts, the shower, and travel expenses. Be sure to inform your bridesmaids of all the expenses they are likely to incur over the course of the wedding. Let them know that you don’t want them to splurge on expensive shower gifts, if you think it will take a toll on them financially. Offer them help when you can, or trim your budget accordingly.

Bachelorette Party Plans

While we all expect our bridesmaids to read our mind and throw us the exact party we want, it is quite an unreasonable demand. If spending quality time with your friends is your only goal, then you will be happy no matter what they do. But if you have always envisioned your bachelorette party a certain way, e.g. a trip to Vegas or a quiet weekend by the lake, then you may what to give your girls a hint.

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What to Wear

Having a dress code for bridesmaid is a new concept in Indian weddings, but it always looks great if your bridesmaid co-ordinate the dress code. Be sure to let them know what you think will go with your lehenga or dress, and give them the details of where they can all purchase it from. Don’t be too stuck up on every single accessory of every bridesmaid being the same, it may not work for everyone.

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The Job Description

This is perhaps the first thing you must discuss with your bridesmaid. What exactly is that you want them to do? If you want them to help you with making centerpieces, inviting guests, and deciding the seating chart, say so. This will avoid you a lot of frustration and them, a lot of guilt for not being a good friend. But even as you hand out duties, be sure to make their to-do list manageable. Also, give them the necessary resources they will need like the exact timeline of all functions, list of important phone numbers and vendors, etc.

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Details of the Sangeet

An Indian wedding is incomplete without a rocking sangeet, but amidst all that you have to do for the wedding, you may not have enough time to co-ordinate sangeet rehearsals and performances. It is best to let bridesmaids take over and decide on who is going to perform and co-ordinate with the choreographers and guests.

List of things you will need on your wedding day

Some of the must have things on the wedding day include safety pins, hair pins, make-up, tissue, mint and some snack for the bride and her friends. Let your bridesmaids know well in advance that they should carry these things. Apart from things you may need, you may also want to tell them to carry other bridesmaid essentials such as change of shoes, clothes, jewelery, clothes, an emergency kit, etc.

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