The wedding lehenga is the most important thing you will shop for before the wedding. It sets the tone for your overall look, the kind of jewelry and accessories you will wear and the footwear and make-up you will need. Every bride wants her lehenga to be one that others are envious of, one that has the perfect blend of design, embellishments and color combination. However, buying a wedding lehenga that is the cynosure of everyone’s eyes is easier said than done. Thus, before you get started on this arduous task, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Set a budget


As with everything else wedding related, it all comes down to the budget. And when we say budget, we don’t only mean the budget for your lehenga. Your budget also includes your footwear, make-up, jewellery, and accessories. So keep that in mind before you buy something that is outrageously over-priced and forces you to go way past your wedding dress budget!

Know your body type before buying

It is best to know what looks best on you before you go dress shopping. If you have a slim frame, you can flaunt haute couture A-line lehenga choli patterns.Fabrics such as raw silk, organza and crepe would suit you well. On the other hand, if you have broad shoulders, deep necks with intricate embroidery would be a good option. It is important to keep your comfort and ability to carry the lehenga, in mind.

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Choose a reliable designer

Ultimately, it is the designer who will run the show, and produce the outfit of your dreams, so be sure to choose wisely. It is natural to opt for well-known, established names in the field, owing to the hype attached to them. But if they don’t fit your budget, do a little research and try and get hold of up and coming designers, who may just as well be able to offer something exquisite. No matter what, make sure your designer is reliable and available to you at all times. You don’t want to be running scared the minute you have an alteration to be made, and your designer is nowhere to be seen.

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Design and details make the lehenga

All said and done, the main aspects of the lehenga are its design and the tiny details such as the fabric, embroidery, embellishments, color, etc. and not its price or the designer you bought it from. So while you may want to pick a reputed designer, don’t go for all flair. Examine the lehengas details and see if you can get something similar at a cheaper price, or if you can get one made yourself. Thread embroidery and artificial stones can work just as much magic as swarovski crystals and silver thread.
Avoid last minute surprise by reading the purchase contract carefully. Ask questions and clarify if you don’t understand something. Make sure the fabric, color, design work, delivery date, number of fittings, and price in the contract is what you agreed upon.

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Quality is King


While this sounds like a no-brainer, most brides do not examine this important aspect of the lehenga before committing a huge sum to buy it. Get some basic knowledge of fabrics, stones, work and such, so you can make a well-informed choice. Pay a couple of grands extra if you have to, but do not compromise on the quality of work. You at least want to wear the lehenga a couple of times after your wedding is done, so be sure to choose well.

Don’t choose a lehenga with an overdose of embellishments

When it comes to your wedding dress, comfort is of prime importance. In a bid to wow everyone at the wedding, you may be tempted to cram all possible stones, work and embroidery into the lehenga. But remember, you’re the bride, not a shiny wedding centrepiece. A garish, heavy lehenga will only weigh you down and make you cringe each time you have to stand for photos. Remember, a highly embellished lehenga need not necessarily be the most stunning one.

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Always buy a lehenga that fits “now”


Sure, your intentions are golden and your determination, solid. But if you intend to stitch a lehenga that is two sizes smaller, and fit into it after you’ve magically lost 15 pounds, be warned. In the stress of planning a wedding, you may not necessarily be able to reach your goal, and will ultimately be left with a lehenga that doesn’t fit! If at all you must have a weightloss goal, set a realistic one, and inform your designer of your plans.

Image Courtesy: Wellgroomed Designs

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