Your wedding is probably one of the most important occasions of your life, and also one whose memories you want to treasure forever. It is the best occasion to bring all your loved ones together in celebration of a major life decision and have them by your side.

All the latest photo sharing apps aside, a wedding album has its own special charm to it. It is a piece of your life captured for you to cherish in the years to come. A wedding album must not only have the conventional shots of the ceremony, but must be a narrative in itself, having pictures from the time you get ready with your bridesmaids to the time the wedding ceremony takes place.

Take a few quirky as well as romantic shots with your spouse-to-be. Be as innovative as you can with the wedding party pictures, this is your chance to capture all the fun and madness of your wedding. Remember, this is your special day and also the time when everyone who matters to you is here by your side, so make the most of it.

Read on to find 7 awesome photo shoot ideas that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with:

Thematic wedding photo

It’s time to let your natural persona shine through, for its time for the thematic photo! Whatever be your preferred theme, geeky, sporty, rustic or quirky, let your pictures manifest that! For instance, Jurassic Park fans can have a picture that shows them running away from a T-Rex, by making use of smart editing! Or you can have picture with both of you in stormy weather. Let your imagination run wild and see the fun you can have!



Image courtesy: Deo Studios and AAA Movies Inc.

The ‘Best Friends Forever’ Photo

A wedding photo album is incomplete without a photo session without your best pals, the ones who’ve been there with you through thick and thin, and are now celebrating your special day with you.


Image Courtesy: Dreamfinity Studios

‘One for the Diva’ Photo

This one’s for the bride! All the months of hard work put in to get in shape, get the perfect facial glow, pick a stunning dress and book the right make-up artist, culminate into this one special moment, when all your work is commemorated with the perfect diva pose!



Image Courtesy: JC Images

The ‘Near and Dear ones’ Photo

Because family’s most important, right? This photo should reflect the madness and the love you share with your family and friends. Make it as quirky as possible, because the crazier the picture, the better the memory!



The ‘Super fun Haldi’ Photos

While not all girls may consider being bathed in haldi all over as fun, you have to admit that it is truly an occasion when everyone lets their hair down and has a blast. Be sure to capture these special moments and chuckle over your discomfort in the pictures when you see them later!



‘Enter in Style’ Photo

The last time you walk into a gathering as “Miss” is certainly a moment worth capturing. Whether you are entering arm in arm with your better half or being carried in a doli, make the entry photo fun by adding elements such as sprays, flowers etc. to make it a moment to remember.


Image Courtesy: Dreamfinity Studios

‘Love is in the Air’ Photo

Because all said and done, this is why you are here and so is everyone else! Turn up the romance and take a few cute photos with your bride or groom-to-be that others can later go “Aww” over.


Image courtesy: Studio 12 Movies

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