Wedding planning isn’t easy. The event of your lifetime requires acute micromanagement to ensure that you can enjoy your day stress-free. And this is where you rope in professionals i.e. wedding vendors. But hold your horses, for this isn’t where your job ends.

It is tricky to have a splendid wedding without any glitches, and one that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. After speaking to your vendors, and bargaining all you could, you may feel you’ve accomplished what is every bride’s dream. But have you asked your vendors yet about those hidden costs that are bound to have you pulling your hair on D-day? Hidden costs, yes. Take a moment to process that.

You may wonder what those are; especially after the unbelievable amounts you’ve already paid to your vendors in the first place. For those in the dark, we have compiled a list of the top 5 unexpected wedding costs that you must check with your vendor beforehand:

Additional Delivery Charges


You subcontracted your catering company to bake you the most delicious wedding cake. The catering contract may have been all-inclusive of the wait staff, silverware, linens, beverages, and the cake, but does that include delivery of the cake as well? Same goes for your wedding dress that you asked to be delivered at your doorstep, as well as the photographer, who may later ask you to pay conveyance charges. It is easy to overlook these details while planning your wedding, but these costs may later add up to be an eye-sore. Be sure to clear these costs with your vendor early on, to stay true to your budget. 

Overtime Charges


While you’re in the mood to party, you may not want the festivities to end but bear in mind that the longer your wedding runs beyond the allotted time, the more expenses. Everything from the venue, party rentals, to the vendors such as photographers, videographers, DJ and band, work according to the clock, and will demand overtime, if your wedding happens to run into the wee hours. Read vendor contracts carefully, and fix overtime charges beforehand to avoid a tussle on the big day. 



When a number of vendors quote prices, they do not include sales tax into the picture. While this sounds insignificant, when taxes are calculated for all the vendors they can easily add up to a few hundred dollars. Sales tax can be anywhere from non-existent to over 20 per cent depending on the state and city you are in. Thus, be sure to ask your vendors to quote prices inclusive of taxes. That way you avoid any additional hassle later on.



Most brides need to get their wedding dress altered, unless they’re extremely lucky. You may want it a little tighter, or need to add a few more elements. While you may think this is inclusive of the price of the dress, it is best to consult your designer just to be sure. Some designers may offer a flat fee, while some may charge you for every alteration. 

Meals & Gratuities


Some of your vendors such as the photographer and videographer will be with you for 7-8 hours straight, and they will need some fuel to keep them going all day. Be sure to ask your caterer the costs for vendor meals. While vendor meals are cheaper than guest meals, you may want to look at the number of vendors you will be having that day and budget accordingly.  Another important cost to factor in is gratuities. As a rule, if your vendor is also the business owner, a tip is not necessary. Otherwise, you must allot 5-10% of your overall budget to tips. Some vendors such as caterers may include gratuities in their quote, so be sure to check contracts thoroughly.